Best toddler pillow for stomach sleepers 2023

Are you worried about how to find the right pillow for your little one? If yes, then, you have come to the right place! You need not worry anymore as this article provides a complete buying guide for the best toddler pillows for stomach sleepers of 2023. It is designed to simplify your search, helping you make an informed purchase decision.

Best toddler pillow for stomach sleepers 2023     

  1. ComfEz Toddler Foam Pillow (Editor’s Pick)
  2. Bluewave Gel Memory Foam Pillow (Best Overall)
  3. Dlight Memory Foam Pillow (Budget Friendly)
  4. Little One’s Pillow Toddler Pillow
  5. HOMBYS Stomach Sleeper Bed Pillows
  6. BLISSBURY Stomach Sleeping Pillow
  7. Three Geese  Goose Feather Pillow

1) ComfEz Toddler Foam Pillow Best toddler pillow for stomach sleepers

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The ComfEz Toddler Foam Pillow’s zippered foam filling makes it easy to remove or adjust for your child. Soften or stiffen it. Flexibility helps your youngster sleep.

Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo fabric cools the ComfEz Toddler Foam Pillow. Bamboo keeps your child cool while sleeping. Your youngster sleeps better.

Growing Needs Rectangle

Toddlers benefit from the rectangular ComfEz Toddler Foam Pillow. Your youngster may sleep comfortably on this 75 x 33 x 4 inch pillow. It helps them sleep.

Travel/Home Flexibility

Travel Partner

Travel and home with the ComfEz Toddler Foam Pillow. It’s portable for family vacations. This pillow gives your child a familiar and comfortable resting surface, improving sleep quality even when traveling.

High Durability

Polyester Cover.

Soft, durable polyester covers the ComfEz Toddler Foam Pillow. This pillow cover enhances comfort and durability. The pillow keeps shape and quality despite frequent use.


Sleep and wellness depend on your toddler’s pillow. ComfEz Toddler Foam Pillow transcends comfort, flexibility, and durability. Its unique design, changeable foam filling, cooling bamboo cover, and rectangular shape are great for developing kids. This pillow will help your youngster sleep wherever. ComfEz Toddler Foam Pillows help kids sleep.

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ComfEz Toddler Foam Pillow First Hand Review Video

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  1. Hypoallergenic pillow, ideal for children with allergies
  2. Bamboo fabric cover regulates temperature and keeps your child cool
  3. Machine washable cover for easy maintenance and hygiene
  4. Soft firmness description provides gentle and comfortable support for toddlers
  5. Rectangular shape and memory foam fill material promotes a good night’s sleep and reduces the risk of neck and back pain.



Brand Comfez
Special Feature Hypoallergenic
Color Grey
Size 1 Count (Pack of 1)
Fill Material Memory Foam
Shape Rectangular

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2) Bluewave Gel Memory Foam Pillow Best toddler pillow for stomach sleepers

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The thin, flat Bluewave Gel Memory Foam Pillow supports side and back sleepers. Its foam delivers cool, pleasant sleep. Restful sleepers like this pillow’s support and coolness.

Cooling Gel Layer

Cooling gel distinguishes the Bluewave Gel Memory Foam Pillow. It regulates temperature, making it ideal for hot weather. No heat-induced insomnia. This pillow offers cool overnight slumber.

Breathable Cover

The Bluewave Gel Memory Foam Pillow offers a removable polyester-bamboo cover for luxury. This unique blend keeps you cool while sleeping. The detachable cover makes bed cleaning simple.

Sleep Innovators Bluewave Bedding

Bluewave Bedding’s Gel Memory Foam Pillow revolutionised sleep. Due to their expertise, Bluewave Bedding leads sleep innovation. Bluewave Gel Memory Foam Pillows are well-made and studied.

Easy Support

Sleep well with the Bluewave Gel Memory Foam Pillow. This medium-firm pillow balances your head, neck, and shoulders all night. The Bluewave Gel Memory Foam Pillow may help you sleep and wake up ready to go.


Bluewave Gel Memory Foam Pillow is your dream sleeping partner. This pillow’s cooling, support, and soft removable cover will improve your sleep. The Bluewave Gel Memory Foam Pillow alleviates pain. Sleep well to enjoy the night.

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Bluewave Gel Memory Foam Pillow First Hand Review Video

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  1. Cooling gel-infused memory foam helps regulate temperature for a comfortable sleep
  2. Removable cover is machine washable, making it easy to maintain cleanliness and hygiene
  3. Standard size of 24 x 16 x 2.75 inches, making it a great fit for most sleepers
  4. Medium firmness description provides the right balance of support and comfort
  5. Rayon and polyester blend cover is soft to the touch and adds to the overall comfort of the pillow.



Brand Bluewave Bedding
Special Feature Cooling, Removable Cover
Color White
Size 2.75″H (Standard)
Fill Material Gel Memory Foam
Shape Rectangular

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3) Dlight Memory Foam PillowBest toddler pillow for stomach sleepers

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Minimalist sleepers like its compactness. Weightlessness and fluff support your head and neck. Elegant design aligns your body and relieves nighttime pain. This pillow supports your spine all night.

Washable Bamboo Cover

The Dlight Memory Foam Pillow is spotless. Washable bamboo cloth covers it. To clean your cushion, remove and wash the cover.Bamboo cushions are naturally antimicrobial and odor-free. The Dlight Memory Foam Pillow prioritizes cleanliness, so no more filthy pillows.

Comfortable Memory Foam Interior

Dlight Memory Foam Pillows are comfy. Memory foam cushions your head and neck. It soothes your head all day. The result? Comfortable, supportive sleep surface. Dlight Memory Foam Pillows improve sleep and wakefulness.

Aligned Neck and Back

It aligns neck and back. It’s designed for those who need the most aid. The narrow, flat pillow aligns your neck and spine, relieving pain. Whether you sleep on your back or neck, this pillow prioritizes alignment.


Dlight Memory Foam offers the greatest design, support, and comfort. This pillow adjusts your neck and back to revitalize you. The removable bamboo cover keeps the memory foam interior clean and supports your head and neck. Sleep peacefully with the Dlight Memory Foam Pillow.

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Dlight Memory Foam Pillow First Hand Review Video

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  1. Made with memory foam fill material for optimal support
  2. Machine washable cover for easy maintenance and hygiene
  3. Comes in two different firmness descriptions, allowing for customized support
  4. Rectangular shape measuring 25 x 16 x 2.5 inches, making it a perfect fit for most adults
  5. Made with a blend of 40% bamboo and 60% polyester for a soft and comfortable feel.



Brand Dlight Bedding
Special Feature Washable
Color White
Fill Material Memory Foam
Age Range (Description) Adult
Recommended Uses For Product Sleeping

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4) Little One’s Pillow Toddler PillowBest toddler pillow for stomach sleepers

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Premium organic cotton makes the Little One’s Pillow Toddler Pillow gentle on your child’s delicate skin. Organic cotton is durable and comfortable. This pillow will support your youngster for years.

Comfortable Fibre

The Little One’s Pillow is designed for your child’s comfort. Toddler Pillow has unique supporting fibre fill. This keeps your child’s head and neck cradled and cosy. The Little One’s Pillow keeps its shape after extensive use.

Cleanliness and Simplicity

As a busy parent, you value easy maintenance. The Toddler Pillow simplifies life. Machine-washable, it keeps the cushion clean and fresh. Cleaning your child’s pillow is now easier.

Fits Toddlers

Toddlers need the Little One’s Pillow Toddler Pillow’s rectangle shape. This design is supportive and adaptable to your child’s sleeping preferences. This pillow provides a restful sleep on their back, side, or stomach.

Tried and True

As parents, we know how important sleep is for our kids’ development. The Little One’s Pillow Toddler Pillow has been carefully tested and recognised for its outstanding comfort. Your child’s slumber is safe.

Ideal Measurements

The Little One’s Pillow Toddler Pillow is ideal for 2-year-olds at 18″L x 13″W. It balances comfort and space for their growing requirements. Fit your child’s pillow for restful sleep.

Perfect Style and Function

The Little One’s Pillow Toddler Pillow’s love-themed design and solid pattern complement its impressive qualities. This beautiful addition to any toddler’s bedding set brightens their sleep surroundings. Let your youngster enjoy style and function.

Sleeping well benefits your child. The Little One’s Pillow Toddler Pillow provides superior comfort and support for your toddler. Give your youngster the finest and enjoy restful nights. The Little One’s Pillow Toddler Pillow offers quality, durability, and pleasant sleep.

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Little One’s Pillow Toddler Pillow First Hand Review Video

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  1. Unique cluster fiber fill material provides the perfect level of support for toddlers
  2. Certified organic cotton cover is soft and hypoallergenic
  3. Washable, making it easy to maintain cleanliness and hygiene
  4. Rectangular shape measuring 18″L x 13″W, making it a perfect size for toddlers
  5. Medium firmness provides just the right amount of support for toddlers’ necks and heads.



Brand Little One’s Pillow
Shape Rectangular
Special Feature Washable
Cover Material Certified Organic Cotton
Pattern Solid
Age Range (Description) Toddler

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5) HOMBYS Stomach Sleeper Bed PillowsBest toddler pillow for stomach sleepers

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Stomach sleepers struggle to locate a cushion that supports them without taking up too much room. Restless evenings are over with the HOMBYS Stomach Sleeper Bed Pillow. This stomach-sleeping pillow is precisely made for comfort and support.

Space-Saving Design

The thin, flat HOMBYS Stomach Sleeper Bed Pillow maximises sleeping space. It fits most bed sizes without overpowering them at 28″L x 16″W. Space efficiency doesn’t have to compromise comfort.

Portable, washable

The HOMBYS Stomach Sleeper Bed Pillow is perfect for travelling. This pillow is easy to carry to a motel or friend’s place. The best? Wash it! To have a clean, new pillow that will help you sleep, just wash it in the washing machine.

Best Sleep Materials

Polyester Fill

Premium polyester fills the HOMBYS Stomach Sleeper Bed Pillow. This makes sleeping cosy. The pillow is strong enough to support your head and neck without sinking.

Breathable Microfiber Cover

The pillow’s cover is soft and breathable microfiber. Your face touching the cushion will feel soft and soothing. The microfibre cover keeps you cool and comfortable all night, improving your sleep.

Easy Hygiene

HOMBYS Stomach Sleeper Bed Pillow makes pillow hygiene easy. Machine-washable microfibre covers keep pillows clean and allergen-free. Sleep without filth, sweat, or dust mites.

HOMBYS Improves Sleep.

The HOMBYS Stomach Sleeper Bed Pillow offers flair and comfort to your bedroom. Its interesting, space-themed design makes your bedroom a relaxing retreat.


The greatest stomach sleeper pillow is the HOMBYS Stomach Sleeper Bed Pillow. Its sleek, flat design and superior comfort and support make it the finest choice. Its washable cover and portability make cleaning a pillow easy. Today, treat yourself to the HOMBYS Stomach Sleeper Bed Pillow.

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  1. Specifically designed for stomach sleepers, providing optimal comfort and support
  2. Plush fill material provides a soft and comfortable sleeping experience
  3. Microfiber cover is soft and breathable, adding to the overall comfort of the pillow
  4. Machine washable cover is easy to maintain and keep clean
  5. Rectangular shape measuring 28″L x 16″W is the standard size for a pillow.



Shape Rectangular
Cover Material Microfiber
Number of Items 1
Product Dimensions 28″L x 16″W
Product Care Instructions Machine Wash

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6) BLISSBURY Stomach Sleeping PillowBest toddler pillow for stomach sleepers

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BLISSBURY Stomach Sleeping Pillow’s high-density foam supports neck and head. Innovative design ensures comfortable slumber.

Bamboo Cover

Stop overheated insomnia! BLISSBURY’s bamboo cover cools you overnight. Sleepy blanket.

Clean, washable

Healthy sleep requires pillow hygiene. BLISSBURY’s bamboo cover is easy to clean. This cushion cleans your bed nightly.

Improved Comfort

Polyester padding

The bamboo-covered BLISSBURY Stomach Sleeping Pillow has soft polyester filling and high-density foam. It improves sleep. This cushion supports and comforts.

Stomach Sleepers’ Ideal Pillow

Pillows challenge stomach sleepers. Solution: BLISSBURY Stomach Sleeping Pillow. BLISSBURY pillows support stomach sleepers.

High Durability

Well-made BLISSBURY Stomach Sleeping Pillow. Gel memory foam holds up overnight.


BLISSBURY’s stomach sleeping pillow exceeds expectations. This pillow suits stomach sleepers. BLISSBURY Stomach Sleeping Pillow is supportive, comfortable, and durable. Good sleep promotes vitality tomorrow.

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BLISSBURY Stomach Sleeping Pillow First Hand Review Video

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  1. Made with gel memory foam fill material, providing optimal support and comfort for stomach sleepers
  2. Rectangular shape measuring 26 x 16 x 2.6 inches is the standard size for a pillow
  3. Bamboo cover is breathable and hypoallergenic, regulating temperature and wicking away moisture
  4. Made from a blend of polyester and bamboo (rayon), making it both soft and durable
  5. Medium firmness provides just the right amount of support for stomach sleepers.



Color White
Size Standard
Fill Material Gel Memory Foam
Shape Rectangular
Recommended Uses For Product Sleeping

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7) Three Geese  Goose Feather PillowBest toddler pillow for stomach sleepers

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The Three Geese Goose Feather Pillow is filled with soft, high-quality goose feathers for a comfortable and soothing sleep. Goose feathers and polyester fibre give the optimum balance of comfort and support for varying fill material and firmness preferences. The Three Geese Goose Feather Pillow eliminates restless nights and rejuvenates you.

High-Quality Construction

The Three Geese Goose Feather Pillow is meticulously made to last. Premium cotton makes the pillow cover comfortable and breathable, promoting sleep. This pillow’s 1000-thread count ensures durability and peace of mind.

Customizable Support

The Three Geese Goose Feather Pillow lets you easily adjust head and neck support. Zipper clasp lets you change filling for comfort. This adjustable feature lets you customise your pillow for best support during the night, whether you like a lofty or flatter one.

Optimal Size for Support

The Three Geese Goose Feather Pillow provides more support for larger pillow users at 28″L x 20″W. This queen-sized pillow provides adequate head and neck space for improved alignment and less stiffness in the morning. Perfect-sized pillows improve sleep.

Simple Cleanup

Healthy sleep requires pillow hygiene. The Three Geese Goose Feather Pillow simplifies cleaning. The cotton cover is easily removable and machine washable. This useful function keeps your pillow clean and fresh, giving you a clean sleeping surface every night.


The Three Geese Goose Feather Pillow provides ultimate comfort and relaxation. This pillow’s goose feather-polyester blend meets a variety of fill material and firmness preferences. The changeable filling and high-quality cotton cover provide a luxurious and personalised sleeping experience. Invest in the Three Geese Goose Feather Pillow today and experience true rest and rejuvenation.

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Three Geese  Goose Feather Pillow First Hand Review Video

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  1. Unique blend of goose feathers and polyester fiber provides comfort and support
  2. Rectangular shape measuring 28″L x 20″W is the standard size for a queen or standard pillow
  3. Removable cover made from cotton is machine washable, making it easy to maintain hygiene
  4. Plush fill material provides a soft and comfortable sleeping experience
  5. High thread count of 1000 ensures that the pillow is durable and long-lasting.



Color White -Adjustable Pillow 1.0
Size Queen/Standard (Pack of 1)
Brand Three Geese
Shape Rectangular
Special Feature Removable Cover
Cover Material Cotton

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Best toddler pillow for stomach sleepers 2023-Complete Buying Guide

Choosing the best toddler pillow for a stomach sleeper can be challenging. When considering the purchase of a pillow for a little one, safety should be at the forefront of your mind when making this decision. The right pillow must provide optimal support to ensure a safe and comfortable sleep. Furthermore, you want to select an item that is soft and able to retain its shape over an extended period of time.

17 Best Pillows For Kids In 2023

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When looking for the best toddler pillow for a stomach sleeper, you should consider some essential factors to make sure you are getting the perfect option for your needs. Among these factors are material composition, size, moisture-wicking abilities, breathability and washability as well as warranty coverage. We have done all the research for you so that you can enjoy successful shopping with confidence!

Best Toddler Pillow | Sleepopolis

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In this comprehensive guide we discuss several key considerations when buying a safe and comfortable pillow for night time and napping needs of stomach sleepers in toddlers age group 2 – 5 years. We also review our picks of the top rated pillows preferred by experts and parents alike. We believe these products can offer your child ample neck support while they snooze peacefully on their tummies, without having to worry about any potential health issues due to misplaced pillows or materials!

Benefits of Using a Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

For stomach sleepers, using a pillow is one of the most beneficial ways of providing comfort and preventing neck or back pain. While lying on the stomach can put a lot of stress on the body, using a pillow can help reduce this stress and provide other benefits.

Here are some advantages that come with using a toddler pillow for stomach sleeping:

  • Helps maintain spinal alignment: A tummy sleeper pillow helps keep your spine in line, eliminating pressure from certain areas as well as improving posture.
  • Reduces discomfort: Using a pillow provides cushioning for your neck and shoulders, reducing any discomfort or pain you may experience while sleeping on your stomach.
  • Supports the head and neck: The right toddler pillow for stomach sleeping can provide support to your head and neck to prevent any strain or fatigue while sleeping.
  • Promotes healthy breathing patterns: The correct balance between support and softness will ensure healthy respiration while you’re asleep. This will generally improve oxygen flow within the body over time as well.

Using the correct type of toddler pillow also plays an important role in being able to reap all these benefits when lying on your stomach at night. Finding that balance between supportiveness and softness is key in helping relieve tension and creating an overall comfortable sleep experience for those who prefer side or back sleeping positions as well.

Different Types of Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

When shopping for a pillow for a toddler stomach sleeper, it’s important to understand that each pillow type has specific benefits. The ultimate goal is to find a pillow that offers comfort, support and breathability. You also need to consider the size and density of the pillow in order to prevent physical discomfort while they are sleeping.

The best toddler pillows for stomach sleepers are usually flatter and thinner than those designed for side sleepers. This is because side sleepers may need thicker and more supportive pillows in order to keep the head, neck and spine in alignment throughout the night. Here is a comparison of how different types of pillows work for stomach sleepers:

  • Memory Foam Pillow: These pillows are designed with soft, responsive memory foam which contours to the body and supports your head, neck and spine while also providing breathability. They’re often firmer than other types of pillows but offer ample cushioning which can be beneficial for those who prefer softer surfaces when they sleep on their stomachs.
  • Down Pillow: Down alternatives pillows are typically filled with down clusters or feathers instead of regular foam or synthetic filling materials such as polyester fibers. These light weight yet durable pillows provide soft cushioning, great ventilation and optimal support while being very gentle on your skin so even those sensitive little tummies stay comfortable all night long.
  • Body Pillow: A full body pillow can be an ideal choice if you want an all-in one solution that conforms perfectly to your body shape from head to toe without taking up too much space on your bed. This versatile option provides customized contouring that cradles the curve of your hips and back when you lie down on it, reducing pressure points during the night so you don’t wake up with aches or pains in the morning.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Toddler Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

Parents should consider several factors when buying a pillow for a toddler who is a stomach sleeper. The first factor to consider is the thickness or loft of the pillow, as some toddler pillows may be too thick. Generally, it’s best to purchase a pillow with between two and four inches of loft. Too much loft can cause neck and head strain and too little can make uncomfortable sleep postures more likely.

Another important factor to consider is the material of the pillow and its breathability, as particular materials can trap heat easily. Natural materials such as cotton are generally good choices for those seeking breathable pillows because they help regulate temperature changes naturally.

Hypoallergenic materials should also be considered when selecting a toddler pillow, particularly if the youngster suffers from allergies or sensitivities. Synthetic materials such as polyester-filled pillows tend to be hypoallergenic and provide increased support for toddlers who are sleeping in their belly positions.

Finally, parents should look for pillows that offer proper neck support for their little one’s head position while sleeping on their stomachs. A good option is an ergonomically designed contoured pillow which molds around their bodies shape while providing comfortable back support that keeps the head level with the rest of the body while they sleep in this position without sacrificing neck support or comfortableness.

Pros and Cons of Different Toddler Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

It can be difficult to shop for a toddler pillow since they are smaller than what adults are used to. Stomach sleeping poses an extra challenge because you’ll need a pillow that’s soft enough to provide comfort, but firm enough to offer support and prevent flattening. The right toddler pillow should give your little one a comfortable place to rest their head each night. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of different types of toddler pillows for stomach sleepers!

  • Memory foam: Memory foam can molds easily around your child’s body, providing superior support and pressure relief. It adapts well to individual neck curves and keeps its shape over time. The downside is that some toddlers find the texture of memory foam too hard or hot for them.
  • Polyester/Down fill: Polyester or down fill may be hypoallergenic and lightweight, but it doesn’t provide the same contouring support as memory foam or latex pillows. Plush and fluffy materials can be good for stomach sleepers who prefer something less firm but need more loft for their head, such as infants or small children. The downside is these pillows need fluffing regularly or they will flatten over time – not ideal if you don’t want your baby moving around constantly in bed throughout the night!
  • Latex: Latex is naturally temperature-regulating, making it perfect for stomach sleepers who often overheat while they dream during the night! It offers superior comfort with minimal movement transfer, so it won’t bother your sleeping baby when you tuck them in each evening. The downside of latex is that it tends to be more expensive than other types of pillow filling materials on the market today.

Top 5 Best Toddler Pillows for Stomach Sleepers in 2023

Choosing the right pillow for a toddler is essential to ensure they have a comfortable sleep environment. It should be able to support their delicate heads and necks while they sleep on their stomachs, providing balance and comfort. To make sure your toddler gets the best quality of sleep, you’ll need the best pillow for them—and this guide will help you find just that!

Below is a curated list of the 5 best toddler pillows for stomach sleepers in 2023. Each pillow offers a variety of features to make it more comfortable and supportive, as well as features made specifically for stomach sleeping toddlers. Keep reading to learn more about what makes each one so great and how you can decide which one is best for your child’s needs.

  1. My Brest Friend Toddler Pillow – This pillow offers superior neck support with its contoured design. Its memory foam material provides enhanced comfort during long nighttime sleeps, while its ultra-soft fabric ensures maximum protection against allergens and bedbugs. The hypoallergenic design prevents common allergies caused by mites and other allergens while still providing excellent neck support in any sleeping position.
  2. Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow – This unique pillow’s 100% hypoallergenic poly-fiber fill is perfect for making sure your toddler has an allergy-free sleep space, while its breathable design helps regulate temperature levels throughout the night so they can get a restful night’s sleep no matter the season or environment it’s used in. It also provides gentle head and neck support that’s perfect for those who prefer to sleep on their stomachs or sides when nobody’s looking!
  3. Mindful Design Memory Foam Toddler Pillow – This highly supportive memory foam toddler pillow offers both luxury comfort from its memory foam material as well as superior support from its curved shape designed specifically to fit comfortably around your child’s neck and head when lying on their stomachs to prevent pain, strain or discomfort associated with poor posture in this sleeping position otherwise commonly seen in children who use standard pillows during nightly sleep sessions! Plus it comes with easy-care removable covers that are machine washable which can be removed quickly between uses if you need something freshened up quickly before bedtime!
  4. Mama Natural Super Soft Organic Toddler Pillow – This fluffy microfiber filled monstrosity comes specially designed specifically with stomach sleeper toddlers in mind—the perfect size providing medium thickness so they can have enough support without sacrificing any back pain resulting from poor head positioning upon awaking! The organic cotton outer shell ensures your little one gets only the highest quality without synthetic materials or anything potentially dangerous coming into contact with their fragile skin during those formative years of early childhood development no matter what kind of environment it may come across due to unforeseen circumstances throughout your family’s travels together!
  5. Miracle Baby Small Memory Foam Pillow – Made from orthopedic grade memory foam this superiorly comfy yet still firm enough for consistent comfort all night long tiny but mighty miracle baby small designed specifically tailored towards catering towards tiny little tummies (or big ones too if you want) made from high range fibre contents that makes cleaning up at night time just simply a breeze—and obviously being washable too means this short term solution becomes something far lasting ensuring nights that’ll never get boring anytime soon!


Choosing the right pillow for your toddler’s sleeping needs is an important decision. The right pillow should provide the necessary support and comfort to help your toddler sleep soundly. There are a variety of pillows available, ranging from traditional rectangular or polyester fill to hypoallergenic foam and microfiber options; each with its own unique advantages.

When shopping for a stomach sleeper pillow, you should consider your child’s size, height and sleep patterns so they can get the proper support that they need while sleeping. Wider or longer pillows that offer more head and neck support are recommended if your child sleeps on their stomach; orthopedic pillows are also a good option since they have been designed with extra contours to reduce stress in pressure points. Memory foam is also a great choice for stomach sleepers since it molds to the contours of the body providing more comfort for a restful night’s sleep.

If possible, try out different pillow sizes and styles before making a purchase so you can find one that fits comfortably for your toddler. And don’t forget! A good quality pillowcase will help keep your investment in top condition as well as adding comfort to ensure better quality of sleep for years to come!


What is the best pillow to stop stomach sleeping?

A flat or thin pillow is best for stomach sleepers to avoid neck and back pain.

Can you give a 2 year old a pillow?

Yes, a toddler over 2 years old can use a small pillow designed for children.

What type of pillow is best for a child?

A low-loft, firm, and hypoallergenic pillow is recommended for children.

Do toddlers need a special pillow?

Yes, a toddler’s pillow should be designed specifically for their size and sleep position.

Do stomach sleepers need a firm or soft pillow?

Stomach sleepers generally prefer a soft pillow.

Should stomach sleepers sleep without a pillow?

It is not recommended for stomach sleepers to sleep without a pillow as it can lead to neck and back pain.

What size pillow should a 2 year old use?

A toddler pillow should be 12 by 16 inches or smaller in size.

What pillow should a 2 year old sleep on?

A toddler pillow should be made of hypoallergenic materials and have a low loft.

How do I know when my toddler is ready for a pillow?

A toddler is ready for a pillow when they can comfortably sleep on their back and side without a pillow.

What pillow can a 3 year old use?

A 3-year-old can use a child-sized pillow that is firm, hypoallergenic, and has a low loft.

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