Best toddler golf set 2023 

Are you looking to gift your toddler a golf set that they can use to develop their skills? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will provide you with all the information needed to choose the best toddler golf set of 2023. We discuss the features and qualities you should look for when making a purchase, including size and material, allowing you to make an informed decision. Ready to hit the green? Let’s go!

Best toddler golf set 2023 

  1. Franklin Sports Kids Golf Set (Editor’s Pick)
  2. Sunny Days Entertainment Toddler Golf Set (Best Overall)
  3. Little Tikes Kids Golf Set (Budget Friendly)
  4. Meland Kids Golf Club Set 
  5. Liberry Toddler Golf Set
  6. USA – Premium Kids Golf Set
  7. Wassteel Toddler Golf Set

1) Franklin Sports Kids Golf Set

Best toddler golf set

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Golf requires accuracy, patience, and concentration. It’s a game for everyone, including kids. Franklin Sports’ Kids Golf Set fosters a passion of golf from an early age. This comprehensive collection is carefully intended to help young golfers improve, regardless of size or experience.

Performance-optimized adjustments

We know kids come in many shapes and sizes, so their golfing gear should too. Franklin Sports Kids Golf Sets are custom-fitted for every child golfer. This package is perfect for beginners and intermediate golfers.

Putter Control and Precision

We designed an accurate and controllable putter for golfers. Our putter’s soft grip helps young golfers manoeuvre on the green, improving performance. As they improve, your youngster will enjoy sinking putts easily and acquire confidence.

On-the-Go Golfing Portability

As parents, we realise how crucial portable equipment is. The Franklin Sports Kids Golf Set is lightweight, so your child can easily carry it. Young golfers may freely explore courses and practise sessions by slinging the set over their shoulders.

Complete Golf Set

We give young golfers everything they need to succeed from the outset. Franklin Sports Kids Golf Set covers all bases. It eliminates the need to buy individual clubs. This package will equip your youngster for golfing.

Passion and Skills

Golf teaches patience, discipline, and sportsmanship across a lifetime. Introduce your youngster to golf with the Franklin Sports Kids Golf Set and inspire a potential future. This package helps young golfers reach their maximum potential, whether they are learning to swing or improving.

Handcrafted for Durability

We know kids may be exuberant, causing wear and tear. Our golf set is carefully made using high-quality materials. The clubs’ graphite shafts can endure adolescent excitement. The foam grip prevents slipping when swinging.

Golf Lovers’ Age-Appropriate Gift

The Franklin Sports Kids Golf Set is a great present for 36-month-to-20-year-old golfers. This collection brings delight to birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. Your youngster may start golfing using a driver, putter, and iron. The golf bag makes carrying clubs easy and elegant.

Improve Your Child’s Golfing Today

Give your youngster the skills to succeed in golf. The Franklin Sports Kids Golf Set shows our dedication to making great items for young players. This golf set will boost your child’s skills with its personalised modifications, lightweight construction, and complete set of clubs. Start their golfing adventure by sparking their passion.

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Franklin Sports Kids Golf Set First Hand Review Video

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  1. Lightweight and easy to carry around
  2. Suitable for kids aged 36 months to 20 years
  3. Comes with a driver, a putter, and an iron
  4. Includes a golf bag for easy carrying
  5. The foam grip material provides a comfortable grip



Color Pink
Hand Orientation Right
Golf Club Loft 10.5 Degrees
Material Plastic
Brand Franklin Sports
Shaft Material Graphite
Grip Material Foam

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2) Sunny Days Entertainment Toddler Golf Set

Best toddler golf set

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Golf is a fascinating sport that combines accuracy, skill, and practise with outdoor activities and physical activity. Sunny Days Entertainment Toddler Golf Set is ideal for little golfers. This top-notch set helps kids improve coordination, motor skills, and sportsmanship. Explore this wonderful toy’s features and benefits.


Promoting Physical Growth

The Sunny Days Entertainment Toddler Golf Set is specially designed for young toddlers learning coordination and athletics. This kit lets youngsters play actively with a golf club, two balls, and a rolling plastic golf cart.

Endurance-Proof Construction

This golf set is made of robust plastic to resist children’s rough play. The components are sturdy to withstand intense golfing.

Easy Setup

Simple design defines the Sunny Days Entertainment Toddler Golf Set. Parents can easily assemble it. This convenience lets kids start golfing immediately, maximising playtime.

Easy Storage

The golf cart stores the set safely and neatly. The rolling plastic cart lets kids store their golf clubs and balls while not playing. This element fosters accountability and a clean play space.

Sunny Days Entertainment Toddler Golf Set Benefits

Ability Growth

This toddler golf set helps kids develop hand-eye coordination and motor abilities. Golfing early on teaches kids the basics. This foundation gives them a head start in golf or other sports.

Fun and Involvement

The Sunny Days Entertainment Toddler Golf Set is fun for kids. Its bright colours and inviting design increase kids’ interest in the sport. The jumbo-sized club and ball give kids a sense of accomplishment and excitement, encouraging outside play.

Age-Group Flexibility

This golf set is suitable for children of all ages, assuring its longevity. The Sunny Days Entertainment Toddler Golf Set is perfect for both younger and older kids.

Easy Upkeep

Parents desire simplicity and ease. The Sunny Days Entertainment Toddler Golf Set’s plastic construction makes cleanup easy. This function saves parents time and keeps kids’ play areas clean.

Conclusion: Parents and Kids Benefit

Finally, the Sunny Days Entertainment Toddler Golf Set is a great choice for parents seeking a gift that blends fun, education, and

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Sunny Days Entertainment Toddler Golf Set First Hand Review Video

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  1. Lightweight and easy to carry around
  2. Suitable for kids of all ages
  3. Durable plastic material
  4. Easy to clean
  5. Includes a jumbo-sized club and ball for easy learning



Brand Sunny Days Entertainment
Material Plastic
Color Red
Age Range (Description) Kid
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H 27.5 x 8.5 x 6.4 inches

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3) Little Tikes Kids Golf Set

Best toddler golf set

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The Little Tikes Kids Golf Set has many clubs for varied play. Kids may practise golf with two clubs—a putter and a driver—and three balls. This complete kit equips young players to learn and enjoy the game.

Excellent Design

The Little Tikes Kids Golf Set is built to last. The shafts are alloy steel, and the clubs are durable plastic. Parents looking for a fun and instructive gift for their kids will appreciate the set’s longevity.Safe and Managed

The Little Tikes Kids Golf Set is designed for kids to practise golf in a safe and regulated setting. Kids may practise putting safely in the garden or a play area. Parents may relax as their kids practise golf and coordination with this function.

Develops Physically

The Little Tikes Kids Golf Set has several health advantages for kids. Golfing improves coordination, balance, and motor abilities. This fun game helps youngsters build muscle and hand-eye coordination.

Improves Thinking

Children learn while playing with the Little Tikes Kids Golf Set. Golf takes concentration, problem-solving, and critical thinking. The all-surface putting hole helps youngsters focus, judge distances, and make decisions.

Promotes Socialisation

Children may socialise while playing Little Tikes Kids Golf Set. Golf is fun with siblings, friends, or parents. Friendly competition and cooperative play teach youngsters communication, collaboration, and sportsmanship.


The Little Tikes Kids Golf Set is a great toy that introduces kids to golf. This set makes learning fun and safe for youngsters with its inclusive design, high-quality manufacturing, and safety focus. Golf helps kids develop physical, cognitive, and social abilities. The Little Tikes Kids Golf Set helps kids learn golf, improve coordination, and have fun. Why wait? Buy a Little Tikes Kids Golf Set today to introduce your child to golf.

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Little Tikes Kids Golf Set First Hand Review Video

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  1. Set includes all necessary equipment for kids to learn golf
  2. All-surface putting hole for easy practice
  3. Durable plastic clubs and alloy steel shafts
  4. Comfortable putter grip for kids
  5. Suitable for kids aged 12 months to 6 years



Brand Little Tikes
Shaft Material Alloy Steel
Item Weight 3.92 Pounds
Grip Type Putter
Product Dimensions 21.5 x 10.5 x 7.5 inches
Domestic Shipping Item can be shipped within U.S.

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4) Meland Kids Golf Club Set

Best toddler golf set

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The Meland Kids Golf Club Set is great for kids starting golf. The set provides a complete experience to keep kids interested. This set helps youngsters improve coordination, physical abilities, and athleticism. Let’s explore the Meland Kids Golf Club Set’s best features for young golfers.

Subheading 1: Perfect Gift for Young Golfers

Looking for a fun, skill-building, and golf introductory gift? Answer: Meland Kids Golf Club Set. This package will delight golf-loving kids on their birthdays or Christmases. Parents may foster a lifetime of good habits and physical activity by supporting their children’s athletic development.

Subheading 2: Portable Golfing

Meland Kids Golf Club Set is intended for convenience. Its small size makes it ideal for golfing or park trips. Parents may now support their kids’ golfing without worrying about practicalities. This lightweight and portable kit lets young golfers play their favourite sport wherever.

Subheading 3: Quality Equipment Empowers Kids

The Meland Kids Golf Club Set has high-quality parts. Golf bag, three clubs, and five balls are included. Durable plastic makes the clubs safe and long-lasting. The lightweight clubs make golfing easier for youngsters. This kit helps young golfers gain confidence and skills in a friendly setting.

Subheading 4: Age-Appropriate and User-Friendly

The Meland Kids Golf Club Set is suited for young golfers aged three and above. The set is carefully created for their requirements and skills, making learning easy. The lightweight, easy-to-handle clubs help kids learn golf quickly. The kit contains five golf balls for practise.


For families looking to boost their child’s physical and athletic development, the Meland Kids Golf Club Set is a great buy. Parents may teach their kids coordination, focus, and tenacity by introducing them to golf early on. Its tiny size, high-quality equipment, and age-appropriate features inspire young golfers. Give your child the Meland Kids Golf Club Set and watch them learn, have fun, and enjoy lifetime.

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Meland Kids Golf Club Set First Hand Review Video

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  1. Lightweight and easy to use
  2. Compact package for easy storage and transport
  3. Comes with a golf bag, three clubs, and five golf balls
  4. Suitable for kids aged three years and up
  5. Durable plastic clubs that can withstand rough use



Package Dimensions 16.38 x 10.98 x 6.1 inches
Item Weight 0.3 ounces
Manufacturer recommended age 3 years and up

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5) Liberry Toddler Golf Set

Best toddler golf set

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The Liberry Toddler Golf Set is made of high-quality materials to endure everyday use. This durable kit gives young golfers a realistic experience. Parents may rest certain that the set will last and provide unlimited pleasure and learning.

Odourless, Child-Safe

The Liberry Toddler Golf Set has no odour. This makes the set safe for young children to play with. Liberry’s child-friendly design increases toddler play.

Engaging and Vibrant

The Liberry Toddler Golf Set is very appealing. Young gamers love the set’s brilliant colours and patterns. Visual stimulation makes the game more fun for toddlers. Liberry hopes to inspire early golf interest with an aesthetically appealing set.

Fun and Educational

The Liberry Toddler Golf Set educates while entertaining. Toddlers learn motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and focus via play. Parents may encourage physical exercise, cognitive, and motor skill development by introducing golf early. The Liberry Toddler Golf Set provides a well-rounded playing experience for families.

For Young Golfers

The Liberry Toddler Golf Set is ideal for 12-month-olds due to its small size. Toddlers can handle the set’s 15.67 x 10.2 x 5.94-inch box and 2.09-pound weight. This simple design lets young golfers play independently.

Simple and Safe

Liberry knows parents prioritise safety. The Toddler Golf Set tackles this issue with soft, safe golf clubs. These clubs let children hit golf balls safely. The lightweight, ergonomic clubs are simple for young children to hold and swing, encouraging appropriate form and technique.

Lots of Practise

The Liberry Toddler Golf Set contains three golf balls for toddler practise. This abundance of golf balls lets kids practise their swing, aim and coordination. Repetition and practise strengthen toddlers’ confidence, skills and enjoyment of golf.


The Liberry Toddler Golf Set is sturdy, instructive, and fun for young golfers. This golf set gives children a complete play experience with its high-quality construction, odourless design, vivid look, and safety and user-friendliness. Children may build key skills and a lifelong enthusiasm for golf by playing early. The Liberry Toddler Golf Set is ideal for families searching for a fun and educational playtime activity.

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Liberry Toddler Golf Set First Hand Review Video

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  1. Lightweight and easy to use
  2. Compact package for easy storage and transport
  3. Comes with a golf bag, two clubs, and three golf balls
  4. Suitable for kids aged 12 months and up
  5. Soft and safe club materials for toddler’s safety



Package Dimensions 15.67 x 10.2 x 5.94 inches
Item Weight 2.09 pounds
Manufacturer recommended age 12 months and up

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6) USA – Premium Kids Golf Set

Best toddler golf set

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Everyone may enjoy and improve their golfing skills. USA Premium carefully designed the finest youngsters Golf Set to engage youngsters in a fun and interactive way. This remarkable set prioritises safety, skill growth, and a great experience, making it a market leader.

Unmatched Safety for Peace of Mind

Child safety is crucial. Innovative safety features make the USA Premium Kids Golf Set worry-free. The set’s rounded edges reduce playtime injuries. This considerate addition lets parents relax knowing their child is safe while playing their favourite game.

Long-lasting Fun

Long-term enjoyment requires a robust golf set. USA Premium’s Kids Golf Set uses high-quality materials to ensure longevity. This durable kit will follow your youngster on many holes of golf, helping them improve and experience new adventures.

Your Child Needs to Master and Progress

The USA Premium Kids Golf Set has everything your youngster needs to practise and improve. This kit nurtures your child’s golfing dreams with carefully constructed clubs and accessible practise patches. This kit helps children grow and succeed by letting them practise their swings and game.

Developing Social Skills and Confidence

Golf helps build confidence and social skills. The USA Premium Kids Golf Set recognises this potential and tries to inspire young players to love the sport. This fantastic set helps kids learn golf and develop collaboration, patience, and persistence. This comprehensive approach prepares your child for lifelong success in golf and beyond.

Golf Love for Life

Golf may change your child. The USA Premium Kids Golf Set is perfect for igniting a lifelong passion for golf. USA Premium’s lightweight, user-friendly, and safe golfing equipment makes initiation easy and fun. Watch your child’s eyes light up as they learn golf, make friends, and create lifelong memories.

USA Premium Kids Golf Set Features Unmatched

The 25.16 x 6.85 x 4.53-inch, 1.3-pound USA Premium Kids Golf Set is thoughtfully packaged. Children can easily travel and store its tiny and lightweight design.

Golf bag, three custom clubs, and three high-quality balls are included. The sturdy plastic clubs are lightweight, allowing young golfers to swing and hit the ball with ease. USA Premium assures youngsters can utilise its durable and user-friendly products.

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USA – Premium Kids Golf Set First Hand Review Video

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  1. Lightweight and easy to use
  2. Compact package for easy storage and transport
  3. Comes with a golf bag, three clubs, and three golf balls
  4. Suitable for kids aged 36 months to 3 years
  5. Durable plastic clubs that can withstand rough use



Package Dimensions 25.16 x 6.85 x 4.53 inches
Item Weight 1.3 pounds
Manufacturer recommended age 36 months – 3 years

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7) Wassteel Toddler Golf Set

Best toddler golf set

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The Wassteel Toddler Golf Set is cleverly made for kids. Its lightweight design lets your toddler focus on the game. This set helps kids build focus and reference skills via play, preparing them for success in life.

An Endless Golfing Package

The Wassteel Toddler Golf Set has everything your toddler needs to start golfing. The set contains expertly picked clubs and balls, ensuring hours of pleasure. Your kid will have fun while learning hand-eye coordination and physical exercise, setting the groundwork for a healthy and active lifetime.

Safe for Your Special Golfer

Wassteel prioritises safety. The Toddler Golf Set is carefully designed for safety and fun. Playing is safe since the clubs are made of soft materials. Our Toddler Golf Set gives parents peace of mind that their children are safe.

For Young Golfers

For little golfers, the Wassteel Toddler Golf Set is perfect. We think that early sports exposure creates a love of physical activity and instills virtues like discipline and drive. Toddlers enjoy golfing because the clubs are lightweight and easy to swing and strike.

Unlimited Golf Ball Practise

We aim to give your youngster lots of practise. That’s why the Toddler Golf Set has three balls. Your youngster may improve their swing, technique, and confidence with lots of balls. Support them while they learn golf.

Wassteel Toddler Golf Set: Invest in Your Child’s Future

We always look for ways to provide our kids the best. The Wassteel Toddler Golf Set combines fun and learning, making it a good investment for your child. With the Wassteel Toddler Golf Set, unleash their potential, foster their passion of sports, and make memories.


The Wassteel Toddler Golf Set safely introduces young toddlers to golf. Its lightweight design, complete packaging, and focus on vital skills make it perfect for parents seeking an enjoyable and instructive experience for their children. Give your child golf and watch them succeed on and off the field. Buy the Wassteel Toddler Golf Set!

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Wassteel Toddler Golf Set First Hand Review Video

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  1. Lightweight and easy to use
  2. Compact package for easy storage and transport
  3. Comes with two clubs and three golf balls
  4. Suitable for kids aged 36 months to 3 years
  5. Soft and safe club materials for toddler’s safety



Product Dimensions 13.8 x 0.98 x 13.8 inches
Item Weight 5 ounces
Manufacturer recommended age 36 months – 3 years

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Best toddler golf set 2023-Complete Buying Guide

Golf is a great way for toddlers to explore a wide range of physical skills. As the parent of a golfer-in-the-making, you want to ensure you buy the best and safest golf set for your toddler. There are many different toddler golf sets on the market, and it can be confusing to know which one is best and most suitable for your individual needs. This buying guide will walk you through all the important considerations when purchasing a toddler golf set, allowing you to make the best decision possible for your little golfer.

It’s important to research before buying a toddler golf set because there are many factors that affect quality, such as material, size, design, weight, etc. We have evaluated these factors and created this comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision when choosing the best toddler golf set for your child in 2023. We also provide reviews of some of our favorite sets on the market. With this guide, you can confidently buy what’s perfect for your junior golfer!

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Benefits of Playing Golf at a Young Age

Golf is a great way to introduce your toddler to sports in a fun, safe, and healthy way. There are myriad benefits of teaching toddlers the game of golf from an early age including gross motor skill development, learning proper etiquette, cognitive development, and improved athleticism.

Gross motor skills are crucial for a toddler’s social and academic success. Golf encourages children to use fine-motor movements such as swinging their club or placing balls on the tee for driving. These actions help strengthen their hand-eye coordination and build balance. In addition, movements such as setting up throughout the impacts create broader movement patterns that develop gross motor skills such as walking while carrying a club bag. This helps promote healthy posture and movement patterns while preventing injury throughout adulthood.

Playing golf at an early age also instills etiquette in young children that they can carry with them into adulthood. This includes the basics of sportsmanship such as being respectful to yourself, those around you, and how you communicate with officials on the course if needed. Golf also teaches your child respect for their surroundings by emphasizing mindfulness when making decisions concerning environment-friendly behavior on the course such as picking up after themselves or replacing divots left behind from hitting balls into different areas of grass or bunkers.

Cognitive development is another significant benefit associated with playing golf at a young age since it requires complex problem solving skills when faced with obstacles like trying to make it around water hazards or tall trees blocking shots from green approaches. Furthermore, it allows children to practice counting points for each hole or playing games where they have to count by twos on each hole played – math problems embedded in an enjoyable activity that greatly increases the likelihood of absorbing content taught during sessions due to its recreation factor rather than just sitting still while working problems out during school hours.

Lastly, playing golf at a young age enhances athletes’ performance capabilities in many aspects due partly by strengthening core strength but largely due to strengthening grip control; if even slightly off center when hitting shots throughout rounds then poor contact will be made causing drama during gaming resulting in many attempts needed before reaching safe zones around greens or putting them right next door pin high chances are much easier but precision is key unless using longer clubs providing more room for corrections while still keeping score low enough within goals set prior starting playtime sessions with friends, old classmates, families after school hours, days off, weekends, etc. It importantly prepares youth athletes for higher levels competitive events by introducing proper form, stances, alignment selections, combinations, etc. providing sufficient time allowing growth getting comfortable, adaptable, flexible since history repetition rule through each series efforts before completing activities.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Toddler Golf Set

When it comes to purchasing golf equipment for a toddler, several factors must be taken into consideration. Before making a purchase, always read the description of the set carefully in order to understand its design and purpose.

Several important points should be noted when selecting golf equipment for your child:

  • Size: Toddler golf sets come in a variety of sizes, and it is important to consider which size would most suit your child’s play style. The larger the size of the club, the heavier it is and the slower your toddler will hit when swinging. Additionally, for shorter children with shorter arms and legs, small sets should be selected as they may have difficulty having a full swing with larger clubs.
  • Composition: Golf sets are made up of both wooden and iron clubs – therefore it is important to consider which composition would best suit your child’s playstyle as well as their personal preferences. Wooden clubs are generally more lightweight and easier for beginner toddlers to control whereas iron clubs may require more practice before becoming accustomed to them.
  • Grip: The grip on a toddler’s club can make all the difference between successful shots or wayward ones; therefore always ensure that the grip on any set you purchase is comfortable enough to hold securely without slipping or sliding even in humid conditions.
  • Price: Finally, price should also be taken into account when choosing a set – since prices can vary significantly between brands or models there will likely be something suitable within everyone’s budget range that still provides quality equipment and performance benefits that meet their requirements.

Different Types of Toddler Golf Sets

There are numerous types of toddler golf sets designed to meet the needs of young children. Depending on the age and skill level of your child, the type of toddler golf set they need may vary. It’s best to consult a golf instructor or instructional aid who can evaluate your child’s development and determine which type of set is most suitable for them. Below is an overview of some common types of toddler golf sets that are available.

  • Junior Golf Sets – These sets have junior-sized clubs, with shorter shaft length for extended reach capability and club heads that are lighter for easier swinging power. Junior clubs come in three different sizes: Par 3 (for 5-7 year olds), Par 4 (for 7-8 year olds) and Par 5 (for 8-9 year olds). These sets often come with a mix of woods, irons and/or putters, depending on the set you buy.
  • Toddler Clubs – Toddler clubs are specifically designed to meet the needs of very young two to five year old children learning how to play golf. These sets usually come as a two-club set with a driver and iron clubhead designed to promote correct posture while swinging the clubs with ease. The shorter length design helps your child learn how to control their swings without fatigue or undesired movement due to too much weight or ill fitting traditional adult clubs.
  • Teaching Putter Sets – Putters are key in developing fundamental skills such as speed control, alignment and grip pressure that are important for success on the overall game so it’s important that these areas be developed from a young age. Teaching putter sets include smaller sized putters than adult ones along with kid-friendly training aids such as foam hits sticks and line runners used to improve accuracy when putting from various distances and across various slopes contours relevant for learning before transitioning into true greenside putting skills .

Top 5 Toddler Golf Sets of 2023

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Finding the right toddler golf set for your little one can be daunting, as most sets on the market today are designed for grown-up players. Whether your child is an aspiring golfer or just loves running around the lawn with a club, these top five toddler golf sets of 2023 provide a safe and fun introduction to the game.

  1. Clubhouse Combo Junior Golf Set – Touted as one of the best junior golf sets available due to its well-balanced weight, this Clubhouse Combo set comes complete with six titanium clubs and a lightweight bag that will stand up to rough use by kids. The three included headcovers feature characters that are sure to entertain toddlers on and off the course!
  2. GoSports 2’ Kids Tee Golf Set – This mini-golf set is perfect for backyards! It includes two foam clubs and colorful foampractice balls that provide excellent control for little hands. Also included are two adjustable flags, two putting holes, and eight foam tees that snap together into an easy carrying case – perfect for outdoor play with friends or siblings!
  3. PlayTalon Complete Junior Golf Set – This full-size junior golf set combines cutting-edge technology with impressive durability without compromising on comfort or weight distribution. The steel shafts make this set appropriate even for more advanced junior players who can handle heavier clubs – plus, it looks like something out of an adult pro shop!
  4. Paragon Beginner’s Long/Short Kid’s Golf Club & Bag Set – This beginner’s club set comes with four 600cc graphite driver heads and matching irons – all in bright vibrant colors (purple!) that toddlers will love! The roomy carry bag has pockets for everything from tees to rain gear, making it great for practice rounds at home or on the course.
  5. Benny & Cooper Toddler Junior Golf Kit – These wooden putters feature smooth edges that are ideal for smaller hands and durable construction made from birch wood – perfect even if your toddler loves banging balls around! Parents will appreciate the included chipping bucket; toddlers get toys associated with golfing fun like targets and star markers while they learn important hand-eye coordination skills they can use later in life while playing tee ball or baseball too!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Set

When selecting the best toddler golf set for your individual needs and preferences, it is important to take into account the advantages and disadvantages of each set. Taking note of these characteristics can help narrow down the selection process and make sure that you purchase a set that will give your child long-term enjoyment.


  • Durability: Golf sets designed for toddlers need to be rugged enough to withstand any falls or drops without breaking immediately. Look for sets constructed from quality materials that will last through multiple uses.
  • Lightweight: Many sets are made with lightweight materials which are easier for young children to maneuver and swing with less effort.
  • Variables: Look for sets with adjustable features such as club length, grip size, and weight so they can grow as they progress within their game.
  • Affordable: Look for sets at an affordable price fit within your budget constraints while also giving your child a quality experience.


  • Repairs: Some sets may require frequent repairs due to regular use by small children with developing hand-eye coordination— this may lead to frequent replacement costs as parts break over time.
  • No customization: Some sets do not allow for customization yet tailored to meet kids needs & age— this limits choice & growth potential as they progress enjoying & get better their game overall.
  • Brand specific accessories may be required -Oftentimes an brand’s golf set will require accessories specific to your choice in brand—this can increase overall costs if they’re not already purchased together as part of a package deal.

How to Choose the Right Set for Your Toddler

When choosing the right golf set for your toddler, there are several things to consider. As toddlers begin to explore golf with adult guidance, it is important to ensure their development progresses safely and that they are having fun at the same time.

The three most important aspects when selecting a set for your toddler should be age-appropriateness, safety and size. It should also be taken into consideration if the materials used in the set are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor settings as well as weather conditions.

  • Age-Appropriate: First and foremost, it is important that you choose a golf set specifically designed for toddlers so they can properly develop their skills. Typically golf sets come in different sizes such as those labeled 3-5 years, 6-8 years and 8+ years according to age levels of the child. It is always best to select a set that matches your child’s age range so they can progress at an appropriate rate throughout their development journey.
  • Safety: When deciding on a toddler golf set, always look at if there are any parts that could potentially injure your little golfer. Also consider if there are any choking hazards or small parts included in the package that could be harmful to young children should they put them in their mouth or swallow them by mistake. Generally speaking children’s sets are manufactured with safety in mind but it never hurts to double check beforehand especially when purchasing from secondhand retailers or online sites like eBay or Craigslist.
  • Size: The size of the equipment is another aspect worth looking at before committing to purchase one particular type of set over another. If you decide your child will use both indoor and outdoor spaces regularly, you want to make sure the equipments dimensions match both scenarios. The equipment needs to be able to fit through doorway passages indoors but still accommodate regular swings outdoors where more space is available. Another key specification worth considering is weight as heavier clubs may tire out your toddler quickly which defeats their enthusiasm toward practice sessions.


When selecting the best golf set for toddlers, it’s important to think about their level of development and their balance. Look for a lightweight set with comfortable grips and a widely adjustable height settings. It’s also important to look for extra safety components and high-quality constructions when buying an age-appropriate set.

We hope this guide has helped you find the perfect golf set to introduce your little one to the game of golf!



Can a 3 year old play golf?

A 3 year old can play with plastic or foam golf clubs designed for children.

How do you attract a junior golfer?

Offer fun activities and lessons, provide equipment that fits their size and interest, involve them in friendly competition.

What is the easiest set of golf clubs to hit?

Junior clubs made from lightweight material with flexible shafts are easier to hit.

How do you measure golf club length for kids?

Measure from the ground to the child’s wrist for irons, and to the top of their shoulder for woods.

What size golf clubs for a 3 year old?

Children’s clubs can be around 20-24 inches in length.

What size clubs for kids?

The size of clubs for kids depends on their height, it’s best to measure and try out different sizes.

Can you get golf clubs for a 4 year old?

Yes, you can find junior clubs for 4 year olds.

What clubs does a kid need?

A beginner child golfer typically needs a driver, 7 iron, putter, and a sand wedge.

How many clubs should a child do?

Children starting out typically only need 4 to 6 clubs.

Why are kids clubs important?

Properly fitting clubs can improve their swing and make the game more enjoyable and easier to learn.


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