Best toddler gloves 2023

Tired of cold hands in the winter season? Check out the best toddler glove2023 buying guide to help you keep your little one’s hands warm and comfortable. You’ll find the perfect pair of gloves that fit their needs!

With our comprehensive list, you’ll make sure your kid stays safe, warm and happy all winter long.

Best toddler gloves 2023

  1. Kids Gloves Full Fingers (Editor’s Pick)
  2. Baby Toddler Winter Gloves Kids (Best Overall)
  3. Disney Frozen Toddler Gloves (Budget Friendly)
  4. Sarfel Toddler Winter Gloves 
  5. Winter Gloves for Toddler Kids 
  6. Fynnsure Toddler Gloves
  7. Disney Girls’ Winter Gloves

1) Kids Gloves Full Fingers Best toddler gloves

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The Kids Gloves Full Fingers are made of durable polyester and comfortable. This keeps your child’s hands warm and flexible. These gloves are made for busy kids.

Easy-to-wear Closure

Kids find it difficult to put and take off gloves. Kids Gloves Full Fingers eliminate this worry. A tight closing system lets your youngster easily put on and take off the gloves. No more struggling or frustration—just quick and easy warmth and protection.

Superior Warmth and Protection for Active Kids

Kids Gloves Full Fingers are perfect for indoor and outdoor play. The full-fingered design protects their hands from cold and danger. These gloves keep their hands warm even on the coldest days, letting them enjoy their activities.

Full-Finger Kids Gloves for Outdoor Fun

Outdoor sports require adequate gear for safety and comfort. Pay special attention to children who need customised equipment. Full-finger gloves protect their small hands while allowing free movement, making them essential. Parents seeking superior gloves for their children may consider the Kids Gloves Full Fingers.

Quality and Durability

They are durable enough for active play and outdoor outings. Hand wash instructions make cleaning and maintenance easy.

Long-lasting Comfort

During long outdoor play, comfort is crucial. The Kids Gloves Full Fingers are designed to be comfortable for kids to wear for long periods.

Fits Kids’ Hands

Fitting children’s gloves might be difficult. The Kids Gloves Full Fingers can alleviate any concerns. The gloves fit children snuggly. They protect your child’s hands from the environment and unexpected bumps and scrapes while outdoors.


Winter is no match for the Kids Gloves Full Fingers. These gloves combine fashion, toughness, and comfort to make the ultimate winter gear for kids.

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Kids Gloves Full Fingers First Hand Review Video

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  1. Durable 100% polyester construction
  2. Easy to put on and take off with pull-on closure
  3. Designed to fit children’s hands well with dimensions of 5.91 x 3.94 x 0.39 inches and weight of 1.12 ounces
  4. Provides full protection for children’s hands during outdoor activities
  5. Hand wash instructions make for easy cleaning and maintenance



specifications 100% Polyester
specifications Imported
specifications Pull On closure
specifications Hand Wash
Product Dimensions : 5.91 x 3.94 x 0.39 inches; 1.12 Ounces

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2) Baby Toddler Winter Gloves Kids 

Best toddler gloves

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Baby Toddler Winter Gloves are carefully made to keep delicate hands warm. The clever mitten design holds fingers close, maximising insulation and preventing heat loss. End chilly fingers! These gloves will keep your toddler warm and cosy.

Fits snugly

The adjustable wrist strap ensures a good fit for your child’s hands. No more cold air or glove loss. The strap gives your child a secure grasp for outdoor fun.

High-Quality and Durability

Durable Polyester

These gloves are durable polyester. Your youngster can use them for several winters because to their durability. These gloves are warm and durable.

Easy Upkeep

Clean your child’s gloves easily. Polyester is easy to clean, so the gloves will stay clean. Even after several wears, your child’s gloves will appear new.

Fits All Toddlers

Various Sizes

Baby Toddler Winter Gloves come in many sizes, making them easy to fit. You’ll find gloves that fit your baby or toddler.

Kids Love It

Frozen toddler gloves

Disney Frozen Toddler Gloves are a favourite. These gloves will charm young fans with their colourful design inspired by the movie. Let your child wear their favourite characters in comfort.

Simple and Durable

Easy On/Off

Toddlers are active and wriggly, which parents understand. That’s why these gloves are easy to slip on and off. Quickly prepare your child for outdoor adventures.

Superior Durability

Parents want their kids’ winter clothes to last and withstand busy play. The Baby Toddler Winter Gloves are tough enough for any adventure.


Baby Toddler Winter Gloves protect your child’s hands from the cold. These gloves are perfect for parents looking for high-quality winter clothing. These gloves are a good winter investment due to their easy care, secure fit, and cute designs. Baby Toddler Winter Gloves will help them enjoy the season despite the cold weather!

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Baby Toddler Winter Gloves Kids  First Hand Review Video

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  1. Small product dimensions make for a good fit for babies and toddlers with dimensions of 3.94 x 3.94 x 1.97 inches and weight of 0.81 ounces
  2. Made from high-quality materials that are soft and warm
  3. Easy to put on and take off for parents dealing with squirmy toddlers
  4. Durable construction ensures that these gloves will last for multiple seasons
  5. Fun Disney Frozen design is sure to delight young fans of the movie.



Product Dimensions : 3.94 x 3.94 x 1.97 inches; 0.81 Ounces
Material  polyester and cozy lining

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3) Disney Frozen Toddler Gloves 

Best toddler gloves

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Disney Frozen Toddler Gloves are made of stretchy acrylic knit for a cosy fit. This high-quality material allows young hands to move freely while being warm.

Appealing Art and Characters

These gloves feature Disney’s Frozen characters. Winter accessories with favourite characters will enchant girls. Frozen fans will appreciate these gloves with their colourful gripping print.

Season-after-season durability

Disney Frozen Toddler Gloves are durable. These gloves are made to last several winters. Replace fragile gloves with durable ones to keep small hands warm and safe.

Easy On/Off for Quick Adventures

Quick outdoor trips are easier than ever. These gloves are intended for easy on-and-off. When time is short, these gloves will help parents keep their child’s hands warm before heading outside.

Longevity Tips

Proper care keeps the Disney Frozen Toddler Gloves in top condition. Care instructions are straightforward. Hand-washing with similar colours and flat-drying are advised. Avoid chlorine bleach and ironing to preserve glove quality. These tips will help your child’s gloves survive several seasons.


Finally, Disney Frozen Toddler Gloves are the perfect winter accessory for small lovers. Due to their lovely design, cosy fit, and long-lasting durability, these gloves will keep your child’s hands warm and fashionable during the cooler months. Let “Frozen” protect your child from the cold.Disney Frozen Toddler Gloves will make winter magical.

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Disney Frozen Toddler Gloves  First Hand Review Video

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  1. Authentic Disney winter apparel.
  2. Cute character designs.
  3. Soft and stretchable acrylic knit.
  4. Gripper print pattern design for a secure grip.
  5. Part of a larger Disney character collection.



specifications Acrylic
specifications Imported
specifications Pull On closure
specifications Hand Wash
Product Dimensions : 7.2 x 5.75 x 1.42 inches; 2.89 Ounces

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4) Sarfel Toddler Winter Gloves

Best toddler gloves

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Sarfel Toddler Winter Gloves are made for tough winters. The mitten shape protects and warms your toddler’s hands.

Toddler Sized

These toddler gloves fit well. The snug fit keeps the gloves on throughout outdoor activities. Sarfel Toddler Winter Gloves are perfect for sledding and snowman-building.

High-Quality and Durability

Quality counts for your child’s winter apparel. High-quality materials make Sarfel Toddler Winter Gloves warm and durable.

Portable Comfort

We know parents want convenience for winter outdoor activity. The tiny and lightweight Sarfel Toddler Winter Gloves are ideal.

In conclusion

For warm, sturdy gloves for their kids, parents could get Sarfel Toddler Winter Gloves. These winter gloves are toasty and durable. Even in snow, their water-resistant shell keeps young hands dry. Outdoor activities are easy with the gloves’ great fit, lightweight construction, and adjustable strap. Sarfel Toddler Winter Gloves protect and comfort your child in winter.

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Sarfel Toddler Winter Gloves First Hand Review Video

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  1. Made from high-quality materials
  2. Water-resistant exterior
  3. Soft, plush lining for comfort
  4. Compact size for easy packing
  5. Adjustable strap for a snug fit.



Product Dimensions : 2 x 1 x 0.1 inches; 2.89 Ounces
Department Baby-girls

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5) Winter Gloves for Toddler Kids

Best toddler gloves

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Quality toddler winter gloves matter. The Toddler Winter Gloves are made of high-quality fabrics for warmth and durability. These gloves will keep your kids dry.

Comfortable warmth

Gloves for youngsters must balance warmth and usability. Perfect gloves. They are bulky enough to insulate little hands in frigid weather. However, they are intended for mobility and dexterity. These gloves will let your toddler play and explore in comfort.

Style and Fun

Kids adore bright colours and fun designs. Winter Gloves for Toddler Kids come in many colours and styles to spark their imagination. There are gloves for every youngster, whether they choose bright colours or pastels. These gloves are more than just winter wear—they’re fun accessories that spice up your child’s attire.

Convenient PKWEEN Closure

Little hands struggle with gloves. The Winter Gloves for Toddler Kids have a secure fit and are easy to put on and take off thanks to the PKWEEN closing mechanism. Easy closure helps your child enjoy winter adventures without tugging and pulling.

Snug for Reliable Performance

The snug fit keeps warmth in and chilly air out. Your toddler may play and explore for hours in comfort with these gloves.

Satisfied Customers

Customers appreciate PKWEEN’s Toddler Winter Gloves. Soft, warm, and non-bulky, the gloves are liked. Customers like the elastic cuff, which keeps gloves on kids’ hands during playtime. The three-pack set and varied colour variations are especially well-received because they match winter clothing. These gloves make great gifts and are guaranteed, giving parents piece of mind.


These gloves are warm and functional. PKWEEN’s Winter Gloves for Toddler Kids are elegant and sturdy, keeping your child’s hands warm throughout the winter. Choose these gloves for superior quality and warmth for your tiny explorers.

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Winter Gloves for Toddler Kids First Hand Review Video

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  1. Soft, warm, and lightweight fabric.
  2. Elastic cuff for a comfortable and secure fit.
  3. Three-pack set with different color options.
  4. Perfect gift option for holidays or special occasions.
  5. Warranty provided by PKWEEN.



specifications wool
specifications Pull On closure
specifications Machine Wash
Package Dimensions : 9.84 x 8.54 x 2.28 inches; 2.4 Ounces

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6) Fynnsure Toddler Gloves

Best toddler gloves

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The mittens are carefully designed for warmth and protection. These gloves keep your child’s hands warm due to their thickness. Fynnsure Toddler Gloves protect against freezing conditions so your child may play outside without numb fingers.

Snowproof, Waterproof Fun

Wet gloves ruin winter adventures. Snowproof Fynnsure Toddler Gloves prevent snow and water from entering. Knowing that their hands will be dry and toasty, your youngster may make snowmen, go sledding, and have snowball battles.

Fynnsure is Reliable and Durable.

Fynnsure distinguishes out for its trustworthy and lasting goods. Fynnsure’s Toddler Gloves demonstrate quality and durability. Parents that value warmth and protection for their children will adore these gloves for snow play, walks, and other outdoor activities.

Warming Outdoor Activities

Winter outdoor activities require warm and protected toddler hands. Fynnsure Toddler Gloves are designed for maximum warmth and comfort while skiing or playing other outdoor sports. The gloves’ blue and grey colour scheme will entice your youngster to wear them.

Comfortable Cotton Material

Breathable cotton gloves minimise sweaty hands. Sweaty palms won’t hinder your child’s play. These breathable gloves keep your toddler’s hands dry and warm, improving their outdoor experience.

Snug Fitting Buckle

These gloves fit your child’s wrist snugly with a buckle fastening method. This revolutionary design prevents gloves from falling off during active play, minimising the aggravation of repeated readjusting. Your child may explore their winter wonderland knowing their gloves will remain there.

Easy for Little Hands

The 2.4-ounce Fynnsure Toddler Gloves are 2 x 1 x 0.1 inches. These gloves are light and easy for your youngster to wear. They’re lightweight, so your child may play winter sports without feeling bogged down by gloves.

Thus, the Fynnsure Toddler Gloves are ideal for winter adventures. These gloves have high-quality materials, great insulation, snowproof construction, and a comfortable design. Fynnsure’s reliability and durability will protect your child’s hands during outdoor play. These gloves will keep your child warm and comfortable on winter adventures.

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Fynnsure Toddler Gloves First Hand Review Video

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  1. The buckle closure ensures a secure fit around the wrist, preventing the gloves from slipping off.
  2. Made of cotton material, the gloves are breathable, preventing your toddler’s hands from getting sweaty and uncomfortable.
  3. Fynnsure Toddler Gloves are lightweight and easy for your toddler to wear.
  4. These gloves are ambidextrous, making it easy for toddlers to put them on and take them off.
  5. The gloves are designed to keep your little one’s hands warm and protected during outdoor activities such as skiing.



Product Dimensions : 2 x 1 x 0.1 inches; 2.4 Ounces
Brand Fynnsure
Material Cotton
Size 1-2 years
Sport Skiing
Age Range (Description) Toddler
Color A Blue & Gray

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7) Disney Girls’ Winter Gloves

Best toddler gloves

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Disney Girls’ Winter Gloves fit small hands perfectly. These gloves will keep your princess warm and elegant when skiing or exploring winter.

Frozen Glove Pink/Purple Magic

Frozen Glove Pink/Purple Disney Girls’ Winter Gloves are popular. These gloves brighten your child’s winter outfit and capture her imagination. She embraces Disney magic in every outfit.

Easy-to-Wear Ambidextrous Design

No more arguing over glove placement! Disney Girls’ Winter Gloves are ambidextrous for your child’s convenience. They can easily put and take off these gloves.

Light and Comfortable

Disney Girls’ Winter Gloves are stylish and functional. They’ll feel light as they play in the snow.

Easy Packaging

Disney Girls’ Winter Gloves are 11.81 x 7.09 x 2.95 inches and 0.1 kilogrammes. This makes them easy to pack for winter adventures. The gloves will follow your child’s imagination.

Warm and Style Your Little Disney Fan

Disney Girls’ Winter Gloves are a must-have during winter. Let your youngster show her Disney adoration while keeping warm and beautiful in the winter. Disney Girls’ Winter Gloves enhance winter adventures!

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Disney Girls’ Winter Gloves First Hand Review Video

Video Source: @kidscorners336


  1. Disney Girls’ Winter Gloves are perfect for girls aged between 4-7 years, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit.
  2. These gloves are ambidextrous, making them easy to put on and take off.
  3. They are made of high-quality materials that keep your child’s hands warm and comfortable during colder months.
  4. Disney Girls’ Winter Gloves are machine washable, making them easy to care for and maintain.
  5. With modern and stylish design, these gloves are sure to be a hit with your little one and add a touch of fun to their winter outfit.



Brand Disney
Size Age 4-7
Sport Type Skiing
Age Range (Description) Little Kid
Color Frozen Glove Pink/Purple
Hand Orientation Ambidextrous
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H 11.81 x 7.09 x 2.95 inches
Package Weight 0.1 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH 10.8 x 7.8 x 0.1 inches

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Best toddler gloves2023-Complete Buying Guide

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Toddler gloves are a special type of children’s apparel designed to cover and protect the hands of infants and toddlers. They help keep little hands warm, while also protecting them against scratching, bruising or otherwise injuring them when exploring the world around them.

With so many types of toddler gloves available on the market, it can be difficult to choose the best pair for your child. This guide will provide you with useful information that will help you decide which glove is right for your toddler.

You’ll learn about important factors to consider when purchasing toddler gloves, such as:

  • Material
  • Grip
  • Waterproofing
  • Insulation

You’ll also find tips on how to measure for a pair of toddler gloves and how to incorporate safety tips into everyday playtime activities. With this book as a guide, you’ll be able to make an informed decision that ensures your child can stay warm and protected during all their outdoor adventures.

Types of Toddler Gloves

When looking for the right pair of toddler gloves, it is important to understand the types available. Different types of toddler gloves offer different levels of protection and comfort. They come in a range of fabrics and features so you can find something that fits your toddler’s needs perfectly.

  • Woolly Mittens: Woolly mittens are the most popular type of toddler glove, generally made from either wool or acrylic material. This design usually comes with a thumb slot but no other separate fingers pockets and helps keep hands warm without restricting movement.
  • Fleece Mittens: Much like woolly mittens, fleece mittens provide warmth without stifling movement. Fleece mittens are often lined with soft polar fleece which adds an extra layer of warmth-keeping insulation to the design and has a thumb slot much like woolly mittens do. However, unlike their woollen counterparts they tend to be more cushioned and can include features such as velcro straps or elasticized wrists for easy wearing.
  • Knitted Gloves: Knitted gloves are another style choice for toddlers looking for a warmer option than mitten designs offer. These styles typically feature individual finger sheaths built into the design for improved dexterity when handling smaller items or carrying out tasks like writing! The wrist area is often elasticized as well which helps make them easier to slip on as well as keeping them securely in place during activities like playtime outdoors.
  • Leather Gloves: Leather gloves are another type of style widely available that provides superior protection from abrasions or sharp objects during activities such as sports or playground time. Their thicker nature also adds extra insulation too, however lack breathability so these options might not be suitable if your toddlers hands tend to get too hot easily.
  • Synthetic Gloves: Synthetic gloves are great if your toddlers needs something hardy enough to stand up against multiple uses; often featuring durable synthetic materials such as Polyester/Nylon blends that provide protection against wet weather conditions while ensuring their hands remain fully flexible while they play! The material also allows good air circulation to help keep sweating down at bay when in the thick of playing outdoors too!

Benefits of Wearing Toddler Gloves

Keeping your toddler’s hands warm and protected is an important factor in maintaining their overall health. Wearing gloves during colder weather can provide many benefits, from protection from harsh weather to increased physical dexterity and comfort. Here are the top benefits of toddles wearing gloves:

  1. Protection from the cold: Covering your toddler’s hands can help keep them warm, especially during times when they may not have winter outerwear on as well as when they are playing outdoors. Additionally, mittens or a glove-mitten combination can offer an extra layer of protection against weather such as snow and wind-chill that would otherwise be felt directly on their skin.
  2. Improved vision: By adding protection to the back of the hand and wrist, gloves can help shield against potentially dangerous glares caused by snow, ice shards or water reflections.
  3. Improved physical dexterity: Gloves that provide enough space for toddlers’ fingers to move freely can help improve their grip strength while also giving them better control over their movements. This also increases their ability to build important coordination skills like handwriting and holding objects in a firm yet gentle manner at a much younger age than if they were not wearing any gloves at all.
  4. Increased safety around hazards: Gloves are beneficial for protecting babies from potential small objects such as pieces of metal that may have sharp edges and could cause cuts or bruises if touched with bare hands, improving their general safety level regardless of where toddlers roam outdoors or indoors.

Factors to Consider When Buying Toddler Gloves


Before you start shopping for toddler gloves for your child, there are several different factors you should consider. This will help you to find the most suitable pair of gloves that meets both your needs and your child’s needs.

  • Material: Toddler gloves come in a range of materials, from light and breathable cotton to rainproof shell fabrics. Consider the climate and activities your child will be doing before settling on a material. While leather mittens may be fashionable, they tend to be hot and uncomfortable in warmer temperatures.
  • Insulation: Choose gloves or mittens that offer plenty of warmth while still allowing toddlers some freedom of movement. Winter-ready thinsulate is ideal for providing maximum warmth with minimal bulk. Fleece offers good insulation as well but may not be suitable if your kid frequently gets wet while playing out in the snow or rain.
  • Durability: Many children have an active lifestyle when playing outdoors so durability must be one of the main factors when choosing toddler gloves or mittens. Look for options that are made from high-quality fabrics such as polyester or nylon, which can withstand wear and tear better than more fragile fabrics like wool or thin cotton blends.
  • Size and Fit: Toddler gloves come in a range of sizes, from tiny hands up to larger sizes that are suitable for kids up to 7 years old. Make sure you measure your child’s hand before buying so that you get a snug but comfortable fit without compromising on warmth and protection from the elements. Gloves with adjustable Velcro straps will usually allow some room for growth too!
  • Safety Features: If your little one often participates in snow sports like skiing and tubing, make sure you purchase winter equipment with safety features such as reflective patches which make them easier to spot on snowy days or during darkness. Glove liners featuring touchscreen-compatible tips are another great option if he/she spends lots of time interacting with smartphones or tablets outdoors!

Popular Brands of Toddler Gloves

There is a wide range of toddler gloves available in the market today, each designed to meet different needs and preferences. Popular brands of toddler gloves vary in terms of price, fabric, material, sizes, and design. Researching which brand meets your individual needs is essential for getting the perfect fit for your little one. Here are some of the most reliable and popular brands for toddler gloves:

  • Little Grippers – Little Grippers offers a variety of trendy designs and fabrics for their toddler gloves line. The materials range from all-natural cotton blends to warmers synthetic fibers, providing warmth and comfort in any type of weather. With sizes from newborn to 24 months, you can find the perfect pair for your little one’s hand size.
  • Six Bunnies – Six Bunnies is proud to offer completely vegan-friendly products at great prices without sacrificing quality or style. They have unique designs with high quality craftsmanship that are sure to be big hits with toddlers everywhere! From cotton blends to quilted merino wools they make sure every need is covered when it comes to keeping warm during winter activities!
  • Baby’s First – Baby’s First offers a unique line of organic cotton mittens that are perfect for winter outdoor fun. They feature beautiful Nordic prints and vibrant colors so you know your baby will be looking cute out on the snow! Sizes range from 0-4T so you can make sure that your baby stays safe with this cozy option designed just for them!
  • Hatley – Hatley has a long list of safe and stylish solutions when it comes to covering up those tiny hands this winter season! Their rain ponchos and mitten sets come in a variety of patterns like dinosaurs and sharks creating an unbeatable combo when it comes protecting your little one outdoors! Not to mention their affordable prices help ensure optimal comfortability at an unbeatable price!

Care and Maintenance of Toddler Gloves

Caring for your toddler’s gloves can enhance the life of your gloves and ensure they stay in good condition. As a leading cause of premature wear, dirt should be regularly cleared off the fabric surface of your toddler’s gloves. This will not only help them look nice, but also help to preserve their waterproofing, breathability, warmth etc.

When it comes time to care for your gloves, here are a few tips:

  • Make sure to fasten or close your toddler’s gloves all the way and turn inside out before washing in cold water.
  • Use a mild detergent and give them a gentle cycle with like colors.
  • Let them dry flat on their own or in the dryer on low heat with no fabric softener or bleach to avoid damaging their waterproofing.
  • For tough salt stains from winter use a little vinegar mixed with water and before putting away make sure the gloves are completely dry!
  • If you want to reach deep into stubborn crevices for soap scum build-up, then use an old toothbrush or similar tool. Follow by rinsing away dirt with clean water and drying quickly (again following instructions above).
  • A flexible ski goggle cleaner works especially well on ski-mitten shells because it is designed specifically for small areas. Simply slide it over finger areas or other tight spaces and scratch away at any grime that may have accumulated over time!


In conclusion, when looking for the best toddler gloves for your child you need something that is comfortable and safe to wear. You also want gloves that will last, so look for features like reinforced seams and waterproof fabric. Choosing the right size is important too, as those who are too tight can be uncomfortable or even form painful bunches in your toddler’s hands, while those that are too loose can easily slip off, posing a safety hazard. Ultimately you’ll want to pick an option that fits your individual needs and preferences while still providing all the protection and convenience necessary for your toddler’s safety.

With so many different factors to consider when selecting baby gloves it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of each element you should look at in order to make sure you’re choosing the right pair. We hope this buying guide has helped provide just such an understanding so that you can be better equipped to make a confident decision when it comes time to purchase!

  • Comfort and safety
  • Durability (reinforced seams and waterproof fabric)
  • Right size (not too tight, not too loose)
  • Individual needs and preferences



What type of gloves are best for toddlers?

Soft, lightweight gloves made of breathable materials like wool or fleece are best for toddlers.

Are mittens better than gloves for toddlers?

Mittens are better than gloves for toddlers because they keep their hands warmer.

What are the warmest mittens for toddlers?

Warmest mittens for toddlers are those made of materials like goose down, Thinsulate, or sherpa fleece.

How do I get my 2 year old to wear gloves?

Encouraging them to play with toys while wearing gloves, making the process fun and positive, and finding gloves that fit well can help get a 2 year old to wear gloves.

Do toddlers need gloves?

Yes, toddlers need gloves to protect their hands from cold weather.

What size gloves do toddlers wear?

Toddlers typically wear glove sizes 2T to 4T.

How do I choose a glove for my child?

Consider factors such as material, fit, and functionality when choosing a glove for your child.

Are mittens or gloves better for a 4 year old?

Both mittens and gloves have their own benefits, so it depends on the specific needs and preferences of the 4 year old.

How do I keep my 1 year old on gloves?

Fitting gloves properly, letting them play and move freely with gloves on, and making sure they are comfortable can help keep a 1 year old in gloves.

Why shouldn’t you cover a baby’s hands?

Covering a baby’s hands can interfere with their natural grasping and exploring movements and may also cause overheating.

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